The California Golden Overtones have recorded multiple albums, most recently “Out of Line,” and placed second in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) in 2001. The Overtones have also recently been named one of “the 10 Female Groups Running the A Cappella World” by College Magazine. However, the greatest fans in the world the Overtones perform for are Cal students, for whom they’ve sung for more than 30 years. The Overtones can be found performing regularly at Cal Football games and University functions, as well as all around the Bay Area at private events and parties. Come watch the Overtones perform live in front of Sather Gate every Friday at 1pm!

Spring 2022 Hybrid Auditions: First round videos due February 2nd— please fill out Audition Form to begin audition process. Callback are February 5th @ 11am. 

Rehearsals: Sun. 11-2pm, TTh 6:30-9pm

Facebook Page: facebook.com/CaliforniaGoldenOvertones
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/goldenovertones
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoldenOvertones
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/californiagoldenovertones/