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Welcome to UCCE!

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UC Choral Ensembles, also known as UCCE, offers students many exciting learning and performance opportunities including the development of musical and vocal skills and the exploration of a wide-variety of musical styles. Performances range from formal concerts with professional soloists and orchestra to participation in Cal Spirit events. UCCE is comprised of nine groups: UC Men's Chorale, UC Women's Chorale, UC Alumni Chorus, UC Men's Octet, California Golden Overtones, Noteworthy, Cal Jazz Choir, Perfect Fifth, and BareStage Productions.

UC Choral Ensembles is a member of Student Musical Acitvities, a subsidiary of Cal Performances. SMA is a thriving center for extra-curricular music training and performance at Berkeley. Complementing and augmenting Music Department performance opportunities, SMA is run by and for students interested instruction in choral, jazz and marching band repertoire. SMA supports students in the development of musical skills as well as experience in group and arts management.

Upcoming Events

August 2017

Welcome Back
to A'Capella
August 26, 7:00pm
Hertz Hall

Sproul Performances

Every Wednesday & Friday under Sather Gate!

Octet: Wed. (1pm)
Overtones: Fri. (1pm)
Noteworthy: Fri. (2pm)

For further questions, feel free to e-mail us!